Jail for Bush


This worthless bastard did his best to destroy the United States of America.  He really is a dirty little snot.

His presidency will go down in history as the worst presidency ever and his administration as the most corrupt ever.

   In eight years he has bankrupted the economy of our country and sent millions of jobs overseas. At the same time he used a war to line the pockets of his cronies and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

   He has specialized in peddling fear as a method of controlling public opinion.  He has lied to get us into the war and he continues to lie to keep us there.  His campaign to find Osama bin Laden was short lived and he even prevented his capture in order to have a convenient  boogeyman around to threaten everyone with.  He is even arrogant enough to declare that he does not concern himself with finding Osama Bin Laden.  Unless of course he is invoking 911 in a speech intended to strike fear into "the common man."   The republicans have put a lot of effort into making Osama Bin Laden as fearsome as The "Evil Empire" of communist Russia used to be.  If Osama was ever found and killed, who would take his place as the boogeyman?


   Consider that the only flights allowed on 911 were the flights that took the Bin Laden family back to Saudi Arabia. Most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.  The Bush family has many long standing ties to the royal family in Saudi Arabia.  If you want to find Bin Laden, perhaps you should look in royal palaces in Saudi Arabia. 

   Instead Bush chooses to kiss ass by holding hands, kissing and hugging the crown prince because he treasures the source of his riches more than he gives a damn about Americans.  Besides everyone is making a lot of money off of his occupation of Iraq and so far it has only cost about four thousand american lives.  I'm sure he sees that as acceptable losses when viewed in the context of the incredible profits flowing into Halliburton and other war contractors (profiteers).


   Make no mistake, Bush is convinced that he and other rich people are better than you as evidenced by the fact that they are rich and there are ways to avoid being in harms way in the military.  He is totally prepared to sacrifice as many Americans as necessary on the altar of his POLICY.  He will do anything to drag out the "War"  till he leaves office so that he can always claim that he "STAYED THE COURSE".  During the Vietnam war television coverage of coffins returning to the states called attention to the terrible cost of the war.  Bush banned taking photos of our returning dead and it took four years to overturn the ban.  Out of sight out of mind is his policy.  We cannot ignore and hide the terrible price our troops are paying for Bush's illegal war.  We could honor their sacrifice and support our troops by admitting that their political leader is an asshole and get them the hell out of there ASAP.


  What the hell has Dick Cheney done in the seven years he has been Vice President besides gunning down his friend in a drunken stupor, outing CIA agents, and funneling boatloads of cost plus contracts into companies like Halliburton and driving the cost of gas in the US up to over three dollars a gallon.  Halliburton has profited obcenely from this war and in appreciation they have moved their headquarters to Dubai.  No longer and American company they can now stop paying taxes on profits.  Cheney kisses Saudi ass because businessmen have no country.  The mear spot upon which they stand is not as dear to them as the source of their income  is dear to them.  Following that economic mantra, they sing the praises of a global economy and move jobs to China to maximize corporate stockholder profit.  

bush-finger 2

Judge leaders by their actions, not by the lies that come out of their mouths.  Bush claims to care about Americans but every action he takes benefits business and corporations first. When all power rests with the corporations the people will have absolutely NO recourse when dealing with corporations because there is NEVER anyone in a corporation who is responsible for ANYTHING.  In addition the only corporate value is the Stock Price.  It ALWAYS has to increase, and there is no method of increasing the stock price that should be illegal, immoral or not considered for the good of the investors.  Just slightly missing the increase in stock price that Wall Street Expected is reason enough to fire 10 percent of the workforce. Or to dump waste in the river to reduce costs.  Benefitting business is not always good for anyone else.  Challenge a businessman on his ethics and he will give you the finger, because he learned in his economics class that normative statements have no place in business.  

“That person is hungry, we have to feed them.” 

That statement is instantly judged as a normative statement.  All businessmen and republicans know that normative statements tend to be subjective, value laden, and emotional in presentation and therefore worthless, and probably uttered by a democrat or worse yet a liberal.

“That person is hungry.”

That statement is instantly recognized as a positive statement. All businessmen and republicans know that positive statements tend to be objective, without emotion or value judgements. Positive economics can be referred to as “What is, what was, and what probably will be” economics. Positive economics is based on sound economic theory, probability, and statistical methods.  from this vastly superior mindset we can objectively judge the action to take... if any. 

    What is the cost of feeding that person? What is the benefit that you or society will accrue if that person is fed? What is the cost of not feeding this person? What is the benefit from not feeding this person? Positive economics tries to objectively answer these questions by doing what is called a cost/benefit analysis.  Then after deciding that it's better to let him starve, that same businessman or republican goes to church and prays to Jesus to make his business more profitable.

It's probably just me but I want to believe that Jesus would have fed the hungry person without doing a cost/benefit analysis.

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